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  • How many pictures will you take?

The number of pictures depends on many factors and changes from marriage to marriage. However, we take almost 800/1000 pictures on average.

  • Who does select the pictures?

The photo album has to describe the day of Your Marriage, highlighting events, emotions and details of a unique day. This is the reason why in addition to the proofs, we also give you a draft of the photoalbum based on our point of view. You are free to change the draft, adding or removing pictures.

  • How much time does it take to obtain the final Photoalbum ?

Proofs are ready after 2-3 weekes from the marriage. Once we define the layout final version, it takes 2-3 months for digital processing and printing.

  • How can we book?

We arrange a first meeting in order to describe our job and give you a price list where you will find all possibile options and the relevant costs. Then we sign a contract and ask for a down payment. Email or phone reservations are not valid.

  • How many peole are you during the Wedding?

We are two people because in a such important day, it is better to have two different point of view. If the service includes also a videorecording, you have to include also the video maker.

  • Do you photoshop your pictures?

Of Course! We shoot all the pic tures in RAW, the digital cameras raw format that grants the best photo quality. Then we post-produce the pictures to improve contrast and colour intensity, with the final intent to obtain a high quality print.

  • May I have the files of the pictures

Yes, together with the photo album, you will have all high –resolution files.